True magic is science so advanced it challenges everything you know.

Accept the challenge. Unravel the mystery.

My training transforms magic into study and practice, helping you create healthy, satisfying connections that enliven relationships. Any time you want. Whether you're single or involved.

Stop wasting time and energy in connections that don't matter. Rejuvenate your confidence. Invigorate your charisma. Reach satisfying levels of attraction and empower the relationships you most desire.

All you have to do is be the kind of person that plays with this mysterious force called love-- what I like to call being a Lover. These are the best people to be around, at work, at home, in a relationship. You might want to be one yourself.

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Jaebi Bussey
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True magic is science so advanced it challenges everything you know.

Online Training

Jumpstart Course for Singles or Couples

Statistics show, people get worse results in relationships as they experience more break ups and heartaches. Being able to physically move on isn’t always enough to undo the pain, mistrust and heartbreak that live on inside of you.

Even worse, toxic mindsets and unhealthy behaviors show up in new relationships. Rather than getting over your ex, you remain under the influence of parts of your past that have no value.

Being Lovers is a breakthrough program allowing you to practice healthy habits in your daily life and finally get even by creating your grandest vision for intimacy and connection.

Workshop Benefits:
Measurable new results in connections
Deeper connection to your desires
Grand vision for a healthy love life
Relationships with others who love to support you
New prospects of wealth and health
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